China Construction (South East Asia) Co.,Ltd and ORKIDE VILLA Co.,Ltd signed a contract for “ORKIDE Apartment Building”

Ngày 5 tháng 6 ,  Công ty TNHH Xây Dựng Trung Quốc (Đông Nam Á) và công ty TNHH ORKIDE VILLA đã kí kết hợp đồng  EPC nhà thầu chính cho “dự án chung cư cao cấp ORKIDE”. Ông Zhang Zong Shou chủ tịch của công ty TNHH Xây Dựng Trung Quốc  Tổng Cục II chi nhánh tại Việt Nam và bà Qiao Suo Li Xi chủ tịch điều hành công ty TNHH ORKIDE VILLA  đã đại diện hai phía [...]

Zheng Xuexuan, Vice President of CSCEC Visited GRED ONE PARK and Provided Guidance

On December 12, Vice President Zheng Xuexuan of CSCEC, General Manager Zhu Zijun of Enterprise Planning and Management Department, General Manager Chen Wenjian of Overseas Business Department and so on visited GRED ONE PARK of CSCEC Vietnam Branch and provided guidance. Mr. Sun Zhanjun, Vice General Manager of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. (“the Bureau”), Mr. Zhang Zongshuo, President of CSCEC Vietnam Branch (“the Company”) and Mr. Zhao Zhihai, General Manager CSCEC Vietnam Branch accompanied with them. Mr. Zheng [...]

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Sai Gon’s Big Love — The Ho Chi Minh’s Charity Activity to Support Students

Sai Gon’s Big Love — The Ho Chi Minh’s Charity Activity to Support Students —- The heart will light up the hope and the love will make the dream come true   The 2016 Charity and Donation Ceremony was held successfully and attended by foreign-funded enterprises in Vietnam. It started from the Scholarship Award Event on September 24th and ended at the Donation Ceremony on October 10th, which became the focus of attention of not only the vietnamese but also the Overseas [...]

Safety Training for site personnels in Mulberry Lane Project

Safety Training for site personnels in Mulberry Lane Project 8-6-2012 In order to improve the safety awareness and safety construction skills of site personnel in the Mulberry Lane project (ML), the ML project owner, the main contractor and the supervisor invited Mr. Raymond from the Singaporean SIPM Project Management Company to provide a two-day safety training to some personnel in the project from June 08th, 2012 to June 09th, 2012 at the Vietnamese local time. At the beginning of the training, Mr. Raymond emphasized four key points of the [...]