Zheng Xuexuan, Vice President of CSCEC Visited GRED ONE PARK and Provided Guidance

On December 12, Vice President Zheng Xuexuan of CSCEC, General Manager Zhu Zijun of Enterprise Planning and Management Department, General Manager Chen Wenjian of Overseas Business Department and so on visited GRED ONE PARK of CSCEC Vietnam Branch and provided guidance. Mr. Sun Zhanjun, Vice General Manager of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. (“the Bureau”), Mr. Zhang Zongshuo, President of CSCEC Vietnam Branch (“the Company”) and Mr. Zhao Zhihai, General Manager CSCEC Vietnam Branch accompanied with them.

Mr. Zheng and his party visited the site of Sales Office and Project Department of GRED ONE PARK, and then heard reports by the Company. They highly affirmed the achievements made by the Company and made comments and provided guidance on the distribution and strategy in Southeast Asia market, agency services, risk prevention and control and research and judgment on the market situation.

General Manager Zhu Zijun showed his appreciation to the Company for the 20 years’ efforts in Southeast Asia region. And he also offered three suggestions for our future work with reference to our “The Thirteenth Five-Year” strategic target. Firstly, analyze in depth the market situation of Southeast Asian countries, focus on the strategic markets, adjust the span of management, and optimize allocation of resources; Secondly, actively find opportunities for Transformation and Upgrading, extend the industrial chain, research and promote overseas enterprise merger and acquisition and overseas listing; Thirdly, grasp the opportunities and risks during transformation, open up horizons, exert the utmost effort, be initiative and adventurous, quicken our pace to develop further.

General Manager Chen Wenjian considered that our history in Southeast Asia is precious treasures. He fully recognized the Company’s achievement in the human resource accumulation, localization management and industrial chain extension, and he required the Company to conduct country-by-country market research in Southeast Asia region from the aspect of development strategy, precisely carry out investigation and judgment, fully make use of the Company’s experience to make a dramatic change and to make the Company grow bigger and stronger.

Vice President Zheng Xuexuan reviewed CSCEC and the Bureau’s operation in the Vietnam market, expressed his attention and support from CSCEC to Southeast Asia market, and fully affirmed the Company’s performance during more than 20 years’ operation in overseas market. He also made three requests on the future work of the Company: Firstly, aiming at the Vietnam market, sum up the experience, analyze the gain and loss and take the opportunities to realize the strategic transformation and upgrading;   Secondly, carefully analyse, research and judge on the Cambodia market. Especially exploit and use the local social resource; and learn from the experience of companies with the success in “going global”. Make good use of “Two Preferential Facilities”, BT and BOT, try to plan and promote the success in “big projects”; Thirdly, optimize the communication and coordination. Timely communicate and give full play to coordination and resource allocation by CSCEC.

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