Safety Training for site personnels in Mulberry Lane Project

Safety Training for site personnels in Mulberry Lane Project 8-6-2012

In order to improve the safety awareness and safety construction skills of site personnel in the Mulberry Lane project (ML), the ML project owner, the main contractor and the supervisor invited Mr. Raymond from the Singaporean SIPM Project Management Company to provide a two-day safety training to some personnel in the project from June 08th, 2012 to June 09th, 2012 at the Vietnamese local time.

At the beginning of the training, Mr. Raymond emphasized four key points of the project’s safety control:

  1. Awareness of safety is necessary, and safety is my responsibility;
  2. Must learn the safety skills;
  3. Must actively identify hidden safety risks and timely report to the project leader;
  4. Share the safety’s knowledge and hidden safety risks which were already found with all members of the project.

In the following training, Mr. Raymond item by item introduced the matters need to pay attention to in work such as hoisting, scaffolding, work at height and protection on the openings for temporary edges ect. He also indicated the pre-construction safety assessment, source of danger assessment, construction scene hygiene, maintenance of fire equipment, other emergency plans of various incidents and other preventive measures.

This safety training ended at 5 pm on June 9th. All of the colleagues who participated in the training were well aware of the benefits. In the following project construction, we will use what we have learned to do anything we can to prevent the occurrence of security incidents.


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