CSCEC Vietnam Branch and Country Garden Vietnam Subsidiary Held a Friendly Football Match

CSCEC Vietnam Branch and Country Garden Vietnam Subsidiary Held a Friendly Football Match

To further enrich the leisure life of employees, raise team spirit, create harmony and healthy business development environment, on March 16, 2018, our staff from the headquarters and project teams in Ho Chi Minh City of CSCEC Vietnam Branch had a wonderful and friendly football match with the team from Country Garden Vietnam Subsidiary.

This friendly football match has provided new communication platforms for employees from different countries who speak different languages. It has enhanced understanding, deepened friendship and recognition, fostered team awareness and collective senses of honor, expanded the company’s communication with external organizations and improved the awareness among the employees of the Vietnamese nationality and the external units of our corporate culture. In the future, the company will plan to undertake such activities frequently and provide new ideas for localization operations.22

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